Driven, gritty, supportive team-player, and - of course - humble but also . . .


  • Launched Din’s L.A. delivery market
  • Worked with Google Express clients to find use cases and needs
  • Sold & trained customers on new product, found needs
  • Communicated needs to engineers
  • Sennheiser global expansion strategy
  • Developed program that reduced training time on coding and data analysis by 85%
  • Coding & Data Analysis

  • Data analysis for NPP Suomi climatology satellite
  • Spreadsheets for automating tasks & increasing efficiency
  • Created hedge fund trading system
  • Marketing analysis and strategy based on SQL databases
  • Conceived of & developed proprietary data-portal GUI
  • Collaborative Leadership

  • Huntsman M.B.A., International Strategy & Design Focus
  • Led Google Express transportation team of 20 dispatchers
  • President & C.E.O. of 300 member, $184k non-profit
  • Led assistants, collaborated with professors on performance & curriculum
  • Writing & Communication

  • Published investment articles & political commentary
  • Wrote nationally syndicated articles and white papers from CEO’s stream-of-consciousness
  • Examination of competitiveness of SpaceX’s pricing
  • Inquiry into the life of Julius Caesar
  • from hedge fund trading systems
    . . . to satellite data analysis
    . . . to literacy assistance

    Product Management Experience

    Getting it done — Transportation Supply Chain Manager, Marketing Analyst
    -Launched and standardized delivery service for 100 weekly refrigerated orders from San Francisco to Los Angeles
    -Managed third-party courier quality and kitchen-warehouse relations to ensure a seamless customer experience
    -Developed strategy to expand same-day deliveries from 65% to 90% of more than 3,000 customers

    Google Express — Transportation Logistics Lead
    -Suggested features and reported bugs to Google engineers for courier and dispatch software based on internal needs and root cause analysis from partner feedback
    -Collaborated with eight internal teams in eight different regions to develop and standardize scalable and sustainable processes, allowing delivery volume to increase by 80% with no increase in team headcount
    -Developed instruction guide and tools to onboard and teach three courier partner’s transportation teams

    Independent Consultant
    Sennheiser, Precision Systems Engineering, Portfolio Asset Mgmt
    -Advised strategic growth planning for German audio company’s entrance to Latin American market
    -Market analysis of global engineering consulting for short-term growth and long-term sustainability

    Coding and Data Analysis

    Figuring out what needs to be done
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    NPP Suomi Satellite Data Analysis

  • Calibration & Validation of CrIS instrument

  • Fourier transforms, principal component analysis

  • Matlab, Fortran, C++

  • Scripts for ease of use
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    Google Sheets Automation

  • Automated data entry & analysis processes, allowing for delivery volume to double with no increase in team headcount

  • Standardized Google Sheets across team, ensuring consistent use & look
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    Hedge Fund Price & Risk Analysis

  • Designed Excel sheets for proprietary trading systems & tracking performance

  • Built proprietary pair-trading system
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    Marketing Analysis & Growth Strategy

  • Used SQL to find most profitable customers, referrals, and efficacy of Facebook, Google, and Twitter marketing campaigns

  • Developed strategy to expand same­ day deliveries from 65% to 90% of >3,000 customers
  • Collaborative Leadership

    Doing it together

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    Writing & Communication

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